How Do You Know When You Like Someone?

How Do You Know When You Like Someone? Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell the difference between liking someone and liking the idea of being with them.

A really great way to tell if you like someone for authentic reasons is that you genuinely are interested in hearing about their day—and not just so you can make sure they didn’t flirt with anyone else. You actually want to learn more about their childhood and family history, but not just so you can figure out if their parents will make good in-laws. You want to hear about their hopes and dreams, but not only so you can figure out what their earning potential is in 10 years’ time.

One of the best ways to figure out if you like someone is to spend time with them alone. If the conversation flows naturally, they make you laugh, and you leave the date feeling satisfied and happy, it’s a pretty clear sign that you like them.

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If you constantly see things that make you think of them, it’s a good sign that you actually like them. Pay attention to how many times throughout the day you tell them about something you think they’d like, and how many times you tell your friends and family a funny story or fact about them.



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Going out with your friends or bonding with your family will surround you with people who you like and have a good time with. If you find yourself wishing that they were there, or wanting to text them to give them an update on the day, it’s a good sign that you actually like them.

Whether you like someone enough to make them your monogamous partner, or you just like someone enough to want to have sex with them—congrats! Having feelings is awesome and exciting and part of what makes us feel human. Enjoy the highs and the lows and always take a minute to self-reflect on yourself and your relationships, it’s what makes you a good partner.

How Do You Know When You Like Someone?

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